Silver Capital

Merchant Advances (MCA Loans)

MCA loans offer small business owners rapid funding. Unlike a loan, borrowers do not have to offer up collateral and business owners with a lower credit scores are still taken into consideration. However, for this type of loan business owners do have to offer a portion of their future sales. With a MCA loan you will receive a lump sum payment upfront and the range will depend on your needs and qualifications. MCA loans are a great alternative, especially for new businesses that are just starting out or are having difficulties obtaining funding. The repayment will be taken out of your future sales.

Repayment for your MCA loan can be done a couple of ways. You may start repayment by either withdrawing from your daily or weekly sales. First way would be by taking a percentage of each credit card transaction your business completes each day. Every transaction that your business conducts in, which a customer uses a credit card, a percentage will go toward you MCA loan. Second way you may start repayment is by paying a fixed daily withdrawal from a business account each day. You may start daily withdrawals from your business bank account, and it may be done daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis.