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Business Acquisition Funding

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Turn to Silvergate Capital for the opportunity to reach your financial goals. Acquiring another business can seem like a dauting process but applying for a business acquisition loan can open new opportunities for you and help obtain the capital you need without borrowing against your personal assets.

Using a business acquisition loan can help you purchase a franchise or an existing business. Some business owners prefer to skip the startup stage and hit the ground running by buying an established business and using their current resources to accelerate growth. Entrepreneurs and business owners may need the extra capital to further expand their business or expand their goals. Regardless the reason let Silvergate Capital assist you on that journey.

Business Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit (LOC’s)  are another great option for small businesses that prefer to not pull out a loan.  Unlike a loan, a line of credit allows you to withdraw funds when you require it and only what you need. A line of credit can also be thought of as a credit card.  You may get approved for a certain amount and you may take out what you may need.  As an example: You are provided with a line of credit for let’s say for $50,000 and you only require $10,000 for a small project.  You may take out the $10,000 and pay back the interest on that amount, not the whole $50,000.  Also another benefits of a LOC is when you don’t know the cost of a service as an example, you are able to get the bill and take out what you need once you know the cost. Also, some LOC are revolving, which as you make your payments the credit becomes available to you again.  You have access to a fixed amount of capital and your funds replenish as you make your timely payments.

Since every business is unique we offer different lines of credit in different sizes without having to offer up collateral. These include:

  • For small businesses and startups.    $25,000-$100,000
  • For companies with a revenue in excess of $1 million.    $100,000-$500,000
  • Credit options for companies with delicate credit profiles